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Deanna Collins’ love for 4-H began in Keokuk County.  There she excelled in the horse and dog projects.  One result was her selection as the Iowa Draft Horse Queen. Deanna Collins

Deanna settled in Story County where she continued her love of 4-H and horses giving leadership to the Story County 4-H horse program.  Deanna has given countless hours helping

4-H’ers learn and ‘Make the Best Better’ in various phases of the 4-H program.

Deanna’s impact on 4-H members has been tremendous through her roles as hippology (study of the horse) coach and horse project superintendent.  Over the years, she has coached hippology teams that competed in the State of Iowa contest.  In addition, she has prepared teams to compete in the National Western Roundup held in Denver, Co.

Story county citizens are proud and fortunate to have Deanna helping 4-H youth reach their full potential.  She expresses her devotion to youth in so many ways.  If you walked with her for a day, you would see her answering questions, helping youth get ready to show, assisting with entries, ensuring the barns are in order, and taking steps to see the shows run smoothly.  One

4-H’er said, “Deanna is always there to happily congratulate and encourage members, regardless of their ribbon placing”.

In addition to her work in Story County, Deanna is active at the state level.  Deanna serves on the state 4-H horse committee and volunteers at the Iowa State Fair.  Her unwavering support has greatly benefitted youth in Story County and across the state.

Deanna has been a 4-H club leader for 19 years.  One member says, “She inspires, encourages and assists members in the pursuit of their passions, meanwhile encouraging them to reach out and expand their horizons.  If there is something hindering a 4-H member’s ability to reach a goal, she does everything she can to help the 4-Her overcome that obstacle.  She encourages each member to be the best they can be.”

Two youth wrote this: “Deanna is seen as a ‘role model’ by Story County youth.  Not only does she set a wonderful example of how to live, she sets a wonderful example of how to lead.” “Having the honor of being led by Deanna Collins is inspiring, leading members to want to, likewise, be leaders and encouragers.  Deanna is always there to give helpful advice and encouragement and to help members ‘find their positives’ in every situation.”

Story County is extremely pleased to recognize Deanna as an Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame inductee.

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