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Posted on August 21, 2018 at 3:11 PM by Global Reach

Dixie Taylor was an exemplary 4-H volunteer during her time as club leader of the Jolly Jinglers 4-H Club in Diagonal.  She touched the lives of countless youth in her 4-H club, as well as the Diagonal community.  Dixie possesses many wonderful skills in the areas of food and nutrition, sewing, home improvement, and communications that she gladly and patiently taught her 4-H members. Dixie Taylor

Dixie was good about having the youth learn by doing.  If the outcome was different than expected, it still had merit as the process and decision making was beneficial to the growth of the 4-H member.  The lessons she taught her club members continue to have an impact on others as those lessons trickle down from 4-H members who grew to become productive and contributing members of their communities and areas as adults. 

Dixie always saw the best in youth and guided them accordingly.  She led by example and joy.  One couldn’t help but feel their best with Dixie in a 4-H club meeting, church, or school function because she knew the young people and recognized the value they contributed. 

Community improvements occurred because of the guidance, in which she and her             co-leaders encouraged the youth to participate.  The school playground, park, church, and school benefited, just to name a few. 

Dixie always assisted at the county fair and other 4-H county events.  She gladly accepted her responsibilities with pride and timeliness.  This set the stage for youth to do likewise.  Always looking for the jobs that needed a helping hand – no matter how big or small the job may be. 

Several past members of the Jolly Jinglers 4-H Club have gone on to be 4-H volunteers themselves.  There is no doubt that Dixie’s caring heart had an impact on the lives she touched.  We feel grateful that she served as a 4-H volunteer in Ringgold County. 

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