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Judy has been involved in 4-H as long as she can remember.  From making a yellow sundress, to baking countless cookies and breads she learned at a young age, it takes a lot of time and dedication to be successful at different tasks. Judy Krips

Her journey with 4-H did not stop when her childhood years in 4-H ended.  Judy became a 4-H leader and continued to lead a Pocahontas County group for 15 years.  While an active 4-H leader and with two children in 4-H, Judy also managed the 4-H food stand for 12 years.  Both her daughters were in 4-H and Judy believes this was a great opportunity for both her girls as well as the entire family. 

4-H was not only a part of Judy’s life, but it quickly became a big part for the family.  Both daughters grew up around 4-H, baking, visual arts, and most importantly to their family, involvement in livestock. 

Being involved in the fair was always the highlight of the summer.  The pigs had been selected and were ready to show.  Judy would sit up in the stands with family and friends, while dad and the girls worked in the barn.  The family still has many talks about the pigs they took to fair each year.

Since the girls were involved in 4-H they have started a family business; Krips Kreations Show pigs.  This has really kept the family invested in not only the pigs, but also the importance of 4-H in our community. 

Judy has made many close friends through her 4-H journey, and still has those friendships today.  Judy believes 4-H creates not only challenges for our youth, but helps them to create lasting memories, meet new people and develop long lasting friendships.  4-H helps youth to be involved in their community.

Judy is so grateful for the opportunity and honored to receive the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame recognition. 

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