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Posted on August 21, 2018 at 3:51 PM by Global Reach

Deb Kosters has been an active club leader and volunteer in our 4-H program for 11 plus years, serving also as Non-Livestock Project Superintendent for the Osceola County Fair.  As a leader, she dedicated her time and energy selflessly to the youth in her club, as well as the community.  Her contributions to our program helped our 4-H community succeed and grow. Deb Kosters

Deb supports youth in all of their endeavors and truly embodies the 4-H equation by empowering youth to reach their full potential by working and learning with her, as a supportive, caring adult. 

During her time serving in Osceola County, Deb has impacted numerous youth through her club, as well as the static project area.  She has spent uncountable hours coaching and supporting all youth to become their best, in 4-H as well as other youth programs.  Her love for our youth is clear to all who watch her in her work, and her youth will agree whole-heartedly.  Deb is truly a role model for all youth and volunteers alike.  It is with these qualities that we nominate Deb Kosters for our 2018 Osceola County Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame inductee.

Deb has been a great inspiration to all that have the opportunity to work with and beside her.  Our 4-H program benefits 110% from her and the volunteers that have the chance to learn from her.  Her vision for what the youth are capable of is truly inspiring, and youth that work with Deb show incredible self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness that is encouraging for all of the county youth.  Her selfless attitude towards our program is not only awe-inspiring, but also motivating to new leaders. 

From Osceola County, we would love to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to Deb Kosters for all she has done, and continues to do, to encourage our youth and adults to “Make our Best Better”.

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