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Posted on August 21, 2018 at 3:49 PM by Global Reach

Diane Brooks has been a great asset to the Muscatine County 4-H program. Diane was a leader for the Home Grown Helpers 4-H Club for many years. Diane Brooks

Diane has given leadership over the Bucket Calf Show at the Muscatine County Fair and the program has grown tremendously because of her commitment and dedication to the program.

When her son was involved with Lake 4-H, Diane was instrumental as the adult advisor for committees within Lake 4-H.  While her kids were in 4-H you could always see her lending a helping hand to others as well as her own children. She always has a smile on her face no matter what the temperature is outside.

This family has always been dedicated to the Muscatine County 4-H program through the dog, sheep, beef and bucket calf programs. You would ALWAYS see the Brooks’ family static exhibits receive the honor of going to the Iowa State Fair.  What a great experience that was!

Diane always urged her kids to apply for Muscatine County 4-H awards and even had the honor of being the outstanding 4-H’ers of the year. Now, Diane volunteers her time doing static judging for other county fairs!

Without Diane’s commitment and dedication to the Muscatine County 4-H program it would not be what it is today! She has truly left her mark on us! Thank you for everything, Diane!

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