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Phyllis Jones of Winterset has been involved with the Madison County 4-H program from an early age. Phyllis has been a lifelong member of Madison County 4-H. Phyllis had many beef, dairy cattle, food, clothing, and home improvement projects throughout her 4-H career. She made some of her own clothes and refinished several pieces of furniture. While in 4-H Phyllis was on the Youth Council for 2 years and had several phenomenal experiences, including being crowned Madison County fair queen and partaking in a 4-Her to 4-Her exchange. Phyllis Jones

Right after high school graduation Phyllis was a project leader in which she went between the different towns of Madison County and hosted workshops and meetings promoting 4-H and children activities.

Phyllis’s entire family, including son Jared, who is a 3rd generation 4-Her were all members .  Phyllis supported and encouraged Jared through 4-H showing dairy cattle and non-livestock.  Phyllis took part in the 4-Her exchange with Madison County’s sister city. While this experience took place during her 4-H career it still helps fuel her passion for all things dairy cattle.

While Phyllis has always been an advocate and supporter for 4-H, five years ago Phyllis took on the responsibility of Dairy Cattle Superintendent. While the show had drastically decreased in size, Phyllis’s passion for Dairy Cattle allowed her to use her knowledge and skill set to enhance the Dairy project for Madison County. The Madison County Dairy exhibitors and families adore her more than she will ever know. Phyllis has not only built the program by numbers, but has built the exhibitors knowledge and passion. 

When asked what 4-H has taught her, she responded with “the importance to record keeping and the accuracy of keeping those records”. Phyllis takes great pride in their Purebred Guernsey herd on which she keeps DHI records. She often hits the road to show case her herd at different shows including the Iowa State Fair and the Nebraska State Fair.

When asked to describe Phyllis, words such as kind, caring, trustworthy, fair, and determined are often noted. While talking to Phyllis about how 4-H has helped her and to better understand her involvement in in the past, she reminisced on the bright times and dark times of her life.  Phyllis with tears in her eyes said “4-H has not only taught me how to keep good records but has helped me through my life as it has not always been easy.” While 4-H has helped Phyllis through her struggles you would never know, as she is a great role model for others, not only the attribute of generosity but also the power of positive thinking and life-long learning. Phyllis believes that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.  She encourages youth to step outside of the box, motivates them to truly make the best better, volunteers to guide and provide needed leadership, and quickly offers praise for their endeavors.

Phyllis takes “Make the Best Better” to heart, lives by it, and continues to make the best in Madison County 4-H and her community. Every county should have a wonderful volunteer like Phyllis Jones, who no matter what strives to “Make the Best Better.” Thank You Phyllis.

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