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Posted on August 21, 2018 at 3:32 PM by Global Reach

Linn County’s nominee for the 2018 4-H Hall of Fame was not a hard choice!  Joyce Anderson has been involved in Linn County’s 4-H program since her youth, when she joined the College Chickadees 4-H Club.  She was an active 10-year member in her club doing demonstrations (now called Educational Presentations), preparing home improvement projects, stripping furniture, bringing the piece back to life, pulling kolaches and baked goods from the oven, and becoming an accomplished seamstress. Joyce Anderson

This writer remembers hearing Joyce tell of her IFYE (International Foreign Youth Exchange) experience at Rally Day and hearing her “Campaign Speech” when she ran for Linn County 4-H office. Joyce received many 4-H awards during her 4-H career including Linn County Girls Style Review, a trip to National 4-H Club Congress and the National 4-H Recreation Award. It has been said that she had traveled to Washington D.C. more times than our senators. 

She learned to call square dances and helped set up a 3-night Square Dance event for juniors, intermediates and seniors. They “couldn’t get the juniors to dance and couldn’t get the seniors to stop”.   When asked what her favorite projects were she said “all of them!” 

Her involvement in Linn County’s 4-H program did not stop there. She started volunteering! Joyce was leader of the College Chickadees for 43 years!  She and her co-leader provided their club members with many workshops on yeast breads and pies, home improvement, visual arts, sewing and gardening.  Joyce has volunteered for county committees as well, serving on the SMA (Science, Mechanics and Arts committee), Horticulture and Personnel Development committees. 

Joyce has been a monetary donor to the Linn County 4-H program, requesting her donation be used where needed.  Joyce’s love of 4-H shines through when it is realized how much she has done for the program.   Thank you, Joyce, for your continued support of 4-H!  You are truly appreciated!

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