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The 4-H pledge states “my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health for better living”,  for my club, my community, my country and my world.”  Ron Overberg continually exemplifies these core values of 4-H through his actions and role within his local 4-H clubs and his community. Ronald Overberg

Ron was born near Salem, Iowa in 1955. He was the oldest boy of nine children and became a role model for his younger siblings.  As the years passed, he began his legacy of instilling the value of hard work in each of his four younger brothers.  Stories of working with Ron on the family farm, told by his brothers, are some of the family’s cherished memories.

Ron began his involvement with 4-H as a member of the Busy Workers 4-H Club.  During his involvement with the club he showed hogs and held several offices.  One of the first pages in his record book is dated September, 1966.  Ron’s children enjoy sharing the record book with their children.

In February of 1979, Ron married Suzanne, his wife of 39 years.  They established their home at the Overberg family homestead in Lee County, Iowa.  It is here they raised three children; along with swine, cattle, and occasionally goats or chickens.  Once the children got old enough, they joined local 4-H clubs where Ron and Suzanne would later serve as club leaders.  Through his volunteerism in 4-H, Ron was able to teach club members about the importance of taking pride in the livestock barns and keeping them clean for visitors.  He was also a leader in teaching 4-H children good showmanship and a solid value of teamwork.

During the thirteen years between the involvement of his children and grandchildren in 4-H activities, Ron served several years on the Lee County Fair Board.  Even though the official title of board member has passed, Ron can still be found lending a hand wherever needed.  Most recently, he can be found helping his grandchildren prepare their animals for exhibiting.  He is helping carry out the legacy started generations before by pledging oneself to clearer thinking, greater loyalty, larger service, and better living. 

In addition to supporting local 4-H clubs, Ron is actively involved with the Cattlemen’s Association and was involved with Lee County Pork Producers in the past.  He has always been eager to help at the Iowa State Fair, and enjoys helping grill and serve food there and at other area events.  His eagerness to help at the state fair carries over into the show barns.  Here Ron can be found, yet again, helping local 4-H youth prepare for the show.  His interest in fairs is not limited to county and state levels. Ron has also been known to stop off at fairs in other areas while on vacation.  He is continually behind the scenes ensuring things run smoothly, thinking ahead about what needs done, or socializing and sharing his love for 4-H and the programs it provides.

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