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Veterinarian Rhonda Wehr and her family have a rich heritage in 4-H. Her mother-in-law was a charter member of the Stick To It 4-H Club, the oldest club in Keokuk County. Dr. Rhonda and her husband, Larry, both grew up in 4-H, as did their 3 children: Neil, Lisa, and David. David was the 3rd generation of the Wehr family to belong to the Stick To It club. Their 3 children were active 4-Hers and took many exhibits to the Iowa State Fair. Dr. Wehr credits 4-H as a big part in developing their leadership and communication skills as well as work ethic. Rhonda Wehr

Dr. Wehr served as 4-H dog obedience leader and superintendent for 23 years. She taught 13 weekly classes in dog obedience every summer that culminated in a dog show at the Keokuk County Expo. She increased the size of the dog project fourfold and started an agility program. There were no funds available for agility so she and her daughter, Lisa, raised funds and built the equipment needed. The equipment is still being used and the agility course continues to be a favorite of many of the dog obedience participants.

Dr. Wehr has served as dog and pet superintendent at the Keokuk County Expo for over 30 years. She works with the Clover Kid program and helps with the Clover Kid pet show and flower projects both of which have grown tremendously. Her special project was serving as a mentor to many 4-Hers. She would encourage them and help them to find a niche where they could shine.

Now that her children have grown up she serves as 4-H judge and enjoys that in her spare time. She has two grandchildren and hopes that they will become the 4th generation of 4-Hers in the Wehr family.

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