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Brian and Sherry Taglauer live in rural Jefferson County on their farm, where they have raised a family. The couple has always been more than willing to volunteer and dedicate their time to make the community a better place. Brian & Sherry Taglauer

One way they invested in the community was by investing into the next generation through their involvement in 4-H. This began when their oldest child joined 4-H in 1997. Since then, they have dedicated countless hours to the Jefferson County 4-H program.  They started out by making sure their children never missed a 4-H meeting and by volunteering in the 4-H food booth at the fair. Over time, they became more involved by chaperoning 4-H trips, providing transportation for members to 4-H camps, organizing parade floats, facilitating 4-H project judging days, and even helping ensure other 4-H members by providing a way to get their 4-H projects to fair in time for judging.

In 2004, Sherry became the leader of the Round Prairie Echoes 4-H Club. She enjoyed this role and continued to serve as a leader until 2009. During this time, Brian decided to dedicate more of his time to 4-H and joined the County Youth Committee in 2007. He spent many hours in front of the grill at the 4-H food booth during county fair. In 2013, Brian’s term on 4-H Youth Committee was completed, and all of their children had graduated and were past the age of being in 4-H. Neither Brian nor Sherry wanted their involvement in 4-H to be over. It was then that Sherry decided to join the 4-H Youth Committee once Brian’s term was complete and has been a committee member ever since. She has played an instrumental role in the growth of the Youth Committee program. Her main project has been the organization, planning and implementation of the food booth during the county fair. Brian continues to volunteer his time at the food booth as well, even though his term ended several years ago.

Brian and Sherry have both enjoyed seeing the 4-H program grow and thrive over the years, and have no doubt contributed to the program’s growth and success in Jefferson County. 4-H has been an important part of their lives since their own childhood, and they have cherished the opportunity continuing to empowering 4-H members to achieve their goals and succeed.

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