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David and Angie Burmahl, with their three kids; Drew, Ellie, and Jacob, own and operate a farm in Emeline, within Jackson County. The farm has been in David’s family since his parents purchased it in 1957.  They produce grain crops, hogs, and have a cow-calf operation. Farming became a passion for David as a young man when he began to help his father, Willis. While growing up on the farm, David worked closely with his father to help implement new concepts and technology that would make the farm more efficient and productive. David & Angie Burmahl

David began his time with 4-H in 4th grade after joining the Emeline Ridge Rollers 4-H Club. Over the years he showed pigs and cattle, and participated in the annual 4-H basketball tournament.  From his active interest in 4-H, David became the FFA president at Maquoketa High School where he later earned his Iowa Farmer’s degree before graduating in 1979. David then went on to college at the University of Wisconsin, Platteville, graduating in 1981. After graduation, David returned home and took over the farm operation full-time.

Angie was involved in 4-H in her youth. She became part of the Emeline Cheerful Homemakers 4-H Club in 1973. While involved in 4-H she held numerous officer positions within the club, she was active on County Council, was very active in the 4-H basketball tournament, and she also attended Citizenship-Washington Focus trip to D. C.  Now, as a second grade teacher, each fall Angie takes her class on an educational trip to their farm to learn about the animals, the equipment, and how the corn and beans they grow are turned into products we use daily.

David later became a 20 year leader for the Emeline Ridge Rollers 4-H Club. For many years David has been the chairman of the Jackson County Fair’s 4-H food stand. Though David receives the titles for these positions, he would not be as successful in these roles without the help of Angie and their children. Over the years, Angie has become David’s right hand, helping prepare for 4-H meetings, cleaning, organizing and running the 4-H food stand, and volunteering at various 4-H and county related events.

In 2014 the Burmahl family was awarded the Jackson County Fair Family for their involvement and commitment to the fair over the years. In 2016, David and Angie were awarded the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor award. This award recognizes and honors Iowa livestock producers for their commitments and dedication to the environment, community, neighbors and preserving the land for future generations.

David and Angie Burmahl have become an extraordinary example for other 4-H families in Jackson County and families in the entire community with their commitment and dedication to teaching and encouraging youth and families to learn and grow within agriculture.

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