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Posted on August 21, 2018 at 3:08 PM by Global Reach

When you hear the words “I’ve got the Kids!” you know this volunteer really does have the kids in many ways. Barb Cunningham

Barb Cunningham was not a 4-H member growing up, but has been very active in Grundy County 4-H as her own children became involved in beef, swine and various static exhibits over the years.  She learned about 4-H through asking questions, volunteering, becoming a 4-H club leader, and now volunteering to help the office during county fair and many other events.

Barb gives of herself to helping others and never asks for anything in return.  She is kind, understanding and always encouraging youth to turn their ideas into projects.  Barb was a leader of the Buckington Barnstormers 4-H Club for 3 years and the former Buckgrove Buckaneers for at least 2 years.  She also assisted her husband with coordinating shooting sports when needed.  

While she has stepped down as a club leader she continues to attend leader trainings and has offered to assist with clubs whenever they need an extra hand. If you see her on the fairgrounds there are always a couple kids in tow.  She has helped our office staff with various fair tasks including recording awards, sitting up shows, or helping keep track of what the office staff children are up to. 

Barb Cunningham exemplifies the true meaning of 4-H in giving back to others and “making the best better”!

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