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Gary was a member of the Grant Stockman 4-H club in Dallas County, Iowa and enjoyed showing cattle at the county fair. Gary Geneser

His volunteering for 4-H began in high school, when he helped one of the local veterinarians with blood testing for cattle by labeling test tubes and doing paperwork.  

Gary’s children also became Dallas County 4-H members. With the help of their dad they were very involved in the 4-H program. He encouraged his children and other members of their club to show at the Iowa State Fair.   As a 4-H father he was again supporting 4-H in many ways especially at the Dallas County Fair.  He was even known to rescue run away calves from the Raccoon River, which borders the fairground.   He was always in the barns and on the grounds to lend a helping hand wherever needed.  Gary is always sharing encouragement and helpful tips to 4-H’ers and their families, or even consoling them as they watch their calves be loaded out after the sale. 

Gary continues to be very involved with 4-H and the Dallas County Fair.  He helps get sponsorships for the 4-H trophies and additional premiums at the livestock sale, has helped raise funds for a new show ring and participates in selling fair sponsor packets.  He helps organize and cook every year with the Dallas County Pork Producers and Cattleman for the 4-H family night supper.   He has been a ring man, pusher, gate keeper and calf holder.  If one of our youth needs something and Gary is near, he is willing to jump in and help. 

Gary currently farms and runs Geneser Repair in Granger, Iowa.

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