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Dennis and Kendra Crooks have spent countless hours helping serve Chickasaw County as well as multiple surrounding counties over the last two decades. Dennis & Kendra Crooks

Growing up in Waverly, Iowa, Kendra (Schwartz) Crooks was a member of Betty Arn’s B- Square 4-H Club in Bremer County.  It is through B-Square that Kendra’s love of volunteering began. Kendra is currently employed with Iowa State University Extension and has spent much of her time volunteering in her community. Over the years, Kendra has conducted leader’s trainings and has also been a 4-H leader with The Nature Club, in Chickasaw County.  Dennis and Kendra’s two kids, Shawn and Kimberly, were members of The Nature Club as well. Kendra also helped with a variety of youth projects across the state from county fairs, day camps, and even Operation Military Kids to name a few.

Dennis Crooks grew up in Ionia, Iowa. Dennis was a member of the Ionia Rustlers 4-H Club; a club their two children would also become members of later on. Dennis, who is currently employed with Schueth Ace Hardware, is no stranger to helping his community. Dennis has helped spread his knowledge on meat goats across Chickasaw County. Over the last several years Dennis has been the Chickasaw County Meat Goat superintendent.

In 2006 Dennis started a meat goat farm named Sondaddy Farm with his son. Over the last decade Sondaddy Farm has been helping youth learn more about Boer goats; as well as given youth the opportunity to raise their own goats. Dennis is the type of person that will put what he is currently doing on hold to give someone else a helping hand. Dennis has demonstrated his willingness to do so at the Chickasaw County Fair countless times from helping someone in the barns with their animal or even in the exhibit hall with booth set up and take down.

Dennis and Kendra volunteer at their church through youth programs and ushering. In their spare time, Dennis and Kendra enjoy visiting their children; Shawn who lives in Kansas and Kimberly who currently resides in Missouri.

Family is very important in the Crooks household where they enjoy playing board games, watching movies, or if the weather is good doing outdoor activities like kayaking or camping. Kendra and Dennis have both been excellent role models to their two children as well as their community and are very deserving of the 2018 Hall of Fame recognition.

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