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Posted on August 28, 2017 at 9:27 AM by Emily Saveraid

Long hours of 4-H volunteer time are shared by Eugene and Julie Shocker of New Liberty, Iowa.  Their work on the bucket calf project in Scott County has found them sharing project information to new members, assisting with record keeping, arranging for interviews with judges, setting up barn space, running the show and keeping track of scores. The end result? Quality learning and smiles!

The youth involved in the bucket calf project learn to take good care of their animals, proper record keeping, how to speak to a judge about what they learned and the satisfaction of doing quality work.

The Shockers have worked on this project for many years, providing the education, helping families get projects started and emphasizing the importance of the learning involved.  They stress that the show ring is only part of the experience, but the skills of record keeping and communication are a major part of this project.  Their reward is seeing the growth of the young people – during the first year of the project and during the next years as the members return with increased knowledge, poise and enthusiasm.

The bucket calf project would not be as strong without the Shocker’s dedication to the youth and the program.  It is considered to be one of the strongest project areas in the Scott County 4-H program.

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