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Posted on August 28, 2017 at 9:23 AM by Emily Saveraid

Ruth AngusRuth Angus didn’t grow up participating in 4-H, but yet she was the true epitome of what 4-H is all about.  For 18 years she served as a 4-H club leader of the Clover Belles 4-H Club (from 1965 – 1983).  Her depth of knowledge ranged from home preservation, sewing, refinishing, art, color combinations to everything in between.  Ruth strongly believed in the 4-H motto of learning by doing, so each and every 4-H meeting involved education and hands-on learning.  While fun was definitely included, everything the club did had a purpose - life skills were always taught, even on the annual field trips for the club.  Every girl who was part of Ruth’s club had a sense of belonging and knew the importance of being part of the club.       

Ruth understood every member was different and gave them each individual attention.  She would show them patience, how to be resourceful and would help each member see their projects to completion and be successful.   Every girl left 4-H knowing the basic skills of how to function as an adult – setting goals, having perseverance, following through, completing something the right way -- ready to make a difference in the community, county, country and world. 

As a 4-H leader, Ruth taught purposefully and by example.  4-H was about learning skills that would be used on a daily basis and help the young girl become a mature adult ready and willing to make a difference in the lives of others with whom she associated.  Being the best they could be as a 4-H member and then as an adult, a parent, community supporter, and others was instilled in each 4-H member.

While Ruth “retired” from being a volunteer several years ago, the positive impact she made still exists today through those that were lucky enough to have her as their 4-H club leader.  She recognized the importance of 4-H and how it aided young people into being the best they could be.  Ruth’s willingness to share her time, knowledge, and teaching skills has been replicated many times over in the lives of young people she touched. 

As a small token of appreciation for Ruth’s dedication to the Ringgold County 4-H program, she was named Honorary 4-H Member in 1969.  Green blood definitely flows through Ruth’s veins and always will.  Ringgold County 4-H was fortunate to have Ruth as a volunteer and 4-H supporter. 



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