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Posted on August 28, 2017 at 9:06 AM by Emily Saveraid

Annette ScieszinskiAnnette Scieszinski has been a tremendous and strong leader for the Troy Good Homemakers 4-H Club.  Her organization and willingness to try new things has been a strong attribute over the years and has helped the Monroe County 4-H program to grow and flourish

Annette serves as the superintendent of our communications program and over the years she has taken it to a high level in Monroe County.  She always encourages each and every member to be involved and promotes the art of communication through their projects and activities. 

Annette gives her time in so many ways to the members of her club.  She helps to promote leadership through various committee assignments and gives praise and encouragement to all involved. 

During the fair she works hard to make sure all exhibitors in the building have their exhibits registered in the correct departments and conducts a fantastic communications event for all involved.

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