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Posted on August 28, 2017 at 9:07 AM by Emily Saveraid

Larry Kreger first became part of the 4-H family when he was a youth member.  His most memorable experience was the Citizenship-Washington Focus trip to DC he took in 1969.  The values he learned from 4-H stuck with him throughout his life.

When his four children wanted to join the 4-H program, he was more than excited.  During those 15 years he contributed in multiple ways.  He started to help teach the tractor safety course in Monona County until the program was discontinued.

Monona County Cattleman’s Association also received his volunteer time, especially during the Monona County Fair.  Larry was on the 4-H Youth Committee from 1996-2012 and served on the 4-H Foundation from 1998-2010. 

Mid America Energy, where he was employed, offered a program called Global Days where Larry volunteered extra hours at work and choose the 4-H program to receive the compensation.  Although Larry didn’t lead a group, he continually assisted in events, fairs, and meetings.  He is always willing to lend a hand to any person or program that is in need.


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