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Posted on August 28, 2017 at 8:40 AM by Emily Saveraid

Linda BigleyLinda Bigley is Linn County’s inductee for 2017 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame.  Linda served as Linn County Extension Director for 30+ years and kept the Extension wheel well- greased.  There were no closed doors in her office!    During Linda’s tenure at the Linn County Extension Office, she supported the referendum 3 times until the vote finally passed.  What a process!

Linda mentored hundreds of volunteers, staff and community partners over the years.  Her dedication enhanced thousands of young lives.  She chaperoned countless 4-H trips, helped at 4-H workshops and trainings and even attended camp.  During fair she was always available to handle an issue whether it was in the beef or sheep barn or any other crisis that needed her full attention.  

Linda never asked her staff or 4-H volunteers to do a task that she herself would not do.  On the fairgrounds building clean-up day she was there with broom-in-hand.  At the fair she could be found late at night in the office work trailer, reading livestock weights to a typist for the show program preparation.  Then she would drive back to the Extension Office to print copies of the program so it was  ready for the 9:00 AM show. 

Linda helped expand the non-traditional 4-H membership and provided stability in the 4-H program.   Even now in retirement from Extension, she is back at work assisting the 4-H Youth Council with their new endeavor of building a new food stand on the fair grounds.

Linda embodies the Clover – Head, Heart, Hands and Health.  She provides a legacy of ”learning by doing”.

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I enjoyed knowing and working with Linda over my years involved as a leader, and judge in Benton County. Congratulations on an honor well deserved.
Judi Hertle | 3/20/23 at 3:16 AM
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