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Posted on August 28, 2017 at 8:39 AM by Emily Saveraid

Garry Wayne Seyb, Sr.Garry Wayne Seyb, Sr. was born on July 22nd, 1947 in Keokuk, Iowa. He lived with his parents and brother in Donnellson, Iowa although he spent most of his days with his grandfather on the family farm in rural Donnellson. The family farm was composed of 120 acres of land filled with threshing machinery, livestock, a large garden, vineyard, and crops. He enjoyed taking care of the livestock, gardening, and helping with threshing. Garry often spoke of lessons learned on the farm and memories made. 

In 2001, Garry was honored to accept the Heritage Farm Award at the Iowa State Fair. This farm will continue to stay in the Seyb family for many more years, as it is being passed on to Garry’s son, Peter. Garry is also an honorary member of the Central Lee FFA.

Garry was never involved with 4-H as a child but, supported his youngest daughter, Laura, when she became interested in the organization. He grew to love the organization as his daughter became very involved at the club, county, and state level. Garry assisted his daughter with sewing techniques to make costumes for Share the Fun, assisted with preparing working exhibits for the state level and attended all local 4-H functions. After Laura graduated from high school, she went on to college and became a 4-H leader of the Dandy Donnellson Doers 4-H Club along with her sister, Sarah.

Garry assisted with fundraisers, behind the scene leader duties, and supported the club whenever he could. It was inevitable that every year at the Lee County Fair, you could find Garry Wayne Seyb, Sr. in the art hall. He volunteered to work in the art hall to watch over the 4-H exhibits and visit with fair goers about the exhibits that were on display. Garry not only assisted with the art hall during the fair but also, with the various animals Laura or her members were exhibiting. Garry was sure to attend all 4-H shows and supported various members. 

Prior to the fair, you could find Garry on his farm assisting the Dandy Donnellson Doers with their livestock projects. He has many grandkids that are active 4-H members and he allowed their animals to stay on the family farm. Months before the fair, you could find Garry and his family on the farm preparing the cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses for the fair.

Garry taught his family the importance of hard work, responsibility, and dedication.

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