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Posted on August 28, 2017 at 8:22 AM by Emily Saveraid

Robert MaherRobert Maher has been active in the Jasper County 4-H program for over 45 years.  He has been a parent, leader, superintendent, fair board member and grandparent.

Robert started his 4-H career in 1972 as an assistant 4-H leader of the Poweshiek Pals 4-H Club.  He was assistant to his father-in-law, Loren Wing who started the club in the 1950's.  He became the main 4-H leader a few years later and it grew to be one of the largest 4-H clubs in Jasper County with over 50 members.  He encouraged each of the 4-H members to be the best they could be.  They had monthly meetings with presentations and yearly field trips to the AE Dairy, the State Capital, etc.  His goal was to educate each of the members but to have fun too.  They had skating, sledding, club tours and amusement park parties, but the best part was the Jasper County Fair. 

Robert retired from 4-H leadership in 1988 after his 4 kids graduated high school.  But that did not slow him down from being involved in the Jasper County Fair and 4-H program.

He is a 39 year member of the Jasper County Fair Board (1978-current) where he has been president and vice president. He is still a sheep superintendent (1975-current).  As mentioned before, all four of his children went through 4-H as well as four of his grandchildren.  He now has great grandchildren getting involved in 4-H.

Robert has had experience in cleaning up after floods.  He spent many hours volunteering to clean up and fix up the Jasper County Fairgrounds in 1993 and 2010 when the high waters of the Skunk River flooded the fairgrounds both years.  Most everything needed repaired or fixed, so a lot of manpower and hours were needed to get ready for the fair.  Robert spent many hours both times building, cleaning and rewiring so the Jasper County Fair could happen.

He has received the 4-H Pearl Clover Award and the Golden Honorary 4-H Member Award.

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