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Posted on August 28, 2017 at 8:20 AM by Emily Saveraid

Mark AndersonMark “Sparky” Anderson began his Jackson County 4-H career in the 1960s as a member of the South Fork Stockman 4-H Club. One of the first project areas he was involved in was dairy cattle. He had a good eye for quality calves and ones that would earn him a ribbon. Mark also had a love for horses, starting with a colt that his sister won at the fair.

His passion for livestock and the 4-H program has kept him busy in a multitude of different ways. Sparky has been active on the 4-H Youth Committee as a FFA liaison and Fair Board liaison, the 4-H Horse Project Committee, 4-H Food Stand Committee, Jackson County Cattlemen, Jackson County Fair Board, State 4-H Conference chaperone, County Council chaperone, and all over go-to person for anything 4-H related. In 2012 he was awarded the Jackson County 4-H’s Alumni of the Year recognition.

He’s a favorite among current 4-H’ers and alumni alike. There probably isn’t a good 4-H memory that doesn’t have Sparky involved in it somewhere. There is no better way to describe him than with some direct quotes from Jackson County 4-H alumni:

“Sparky always made our events fun and enjoyable. He was always there to help us and push us along the way. He’s a great person to have involved in the 4-H program!”

“There are few people that would rival Sparky for time given to the 4-H program. He is constantly volunteering and advocating for youth. I know many of the experiences I had were made possible because of his selflessness.”

“Sparky was always there for us with a beaming smile and never shied away from offering to volunteer and motivate us to help our respective communities in Jackson County. The influence he has had on our county’s youth is unrivaled.”

Jackson County is thankful to have a true, passionate, dedicated volunteer like Sparky. 

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