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Posted on August 25, 2017 at 9:37 AM by Emily Saveraid

Kris WalkerHer head is clear; eager to aid youth as they lead one another.

Her heart is loyal; joyful in her desire to see others find a place to belong.

Her hands are poised for service; calloused by the years of hard work and dedication.

Her health feeds into her commitment to live better; she’s living for more than herself.

Kris Walker began her 4-H journey as a member of an all-girls club, Cass Red Pepper. If you know Kris you know being a “Pepper” is fitting as she is full of fire; just as a pepper can stay with you for a bit, so can Kris. Once you’ve met her you’ve found a lifelong friend and advocate. The Cass Clubs joined their all-boys and all-girls clubs and became Cass Red Cardinals. During her 4-H years her project interests varied from visual arts and sewing, a brief stint in food and nutrition, horses, dogs, and pets. She says  she had quite a prolific guinea pig herd!

Kris became a Cass Red Cardinal leader around 2010. She continues to be a “go-to gal” when questions arise because, well, she knows a lot! From her own experience as a 4-H’er to becoming a 4-H parent and a club leader, as well as a past Extension and Outreach Council President she is eager to engage in problem solving, empathize when mistakes occur, and encourage others in seeking ways to “make the best better”.

What does Kris love about leading a club? Her words say it best, “The kids and families! While the fair is a labor of love, the very best thing is sharing stories of growth with the kids and watching them interact with their fellow 4-H’ers, the judges, their buddies, their families, the general community, and complete strangers. Kids truly become our very best ambassadors for our program.” She may never know the impact or how far her arms have reached, but the joy is still there. It’s true that her years of dedication to the Hamilton County 4-H program have changed lives.

When asked, Kris responded that of the 4 “H’’s, Hands resonated with her the most. Why hands? Kris said, “Our Hands, this is the part of the pledge where we get all rowdy and show the world what we can do. Our hands reach out to the club, community, country, and the world.”

Kris Walker is 4-H. When you see the roots of who we are, you see her. 

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