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Posted on August 25, 2017 at 9:34 AM by Emily Saveraid

Karen BensonNever being involved in 4-H as a youth Karen Benson has been a very active 4-H parent, volunteer and friend of Grundy County 4-H.  Karen was introduced to 4-H through her children, Kevin and Russell, as they were interested in participating each year. 

Karen and her husband Richard raised 3 boys on the farm.  As her children became more involved in club and county activities she gained interest in learning right along with them.  Karen also became an advocate for her children who needed a little extra help, an active volunteer and always strove to put others needs above hers.  She is always asking what she can help with next.  She would often shuttle kids to meetings, help at meetings as needed, offer her time at fair with clean up, comment writing, and do anything that needed to be done.  These are just a few of her many volunteer hours. 

Karen continues to be a part of Grundy County 4-H as a seven year member of the County 4-H Youth Committee, Omelet Fundraiser committee member and kitchen coordinator for the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day.  When asked why she continued to volunteer Karen said, “I like being able to see how 4-H shapes and develops the kids into not just who they are but who they can become.  4-H has helped these kids grow and has also helped direct their career paths. And I am proud to be a part of that.”

Being on the youth committee has only fueled her involvement and passion for 4-H. Karen has mentioned many times that 4-H means family, life, growth and development to her.  Even as a 4-H volunteer, 4-H has taught her it’s not just about who you are, but what you can accomplish if you try. And most importantly to her learning that there is never a wrong way to do something. 

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