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Posted on August 24, 2017 at 9:08 PM by Emily Saveraid

Joanne DenneyThis year’s 2017 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame recipient, from Des Moines County, simply put…loved 4-H! 

From being a former 4-H youth participant, to county fair volunteer and judge, to mother and grandmother of future generations of 4-Hers.  It was a way of life that Joanne Denney truly treasured!  

Joanne personally, was always inspired by the 4-H message, which is the empowerment and positive youth development of kids.  As a teacher for more than 37 years, the education of children was a priority and lifelong ambition for her.  As we all know, 4-H is an education in itself, and Joanne appreciated what 4-H could teach kids about themselves.  Skilled learned included how to develop confidence, how to set goals, how to overcome challenges, how to have success and failures, and lastly, how to build one’s character.

Joanne contributed to the 4-H program serving as a volunteer for many years at the county fair, setting up or tearing down, helping with the Open Show, and filling in when needed.  She also served as a judge for several years and she helped evaluate record books.  She always tried to be a good mentor to 4-H youth in sharing her knowledge and experiences.  

In her later years, Joanne became involved in introducing 4-H to a whole new generation – her grandkids and their friends!

Besides the educational aspect, Joanne strongly relished how 4-H brought families together!  Whether spending time together working on a project, breaking in a steer, or getting the camper ready for fair, it resulted in precious family time.  That is something we can all relate to with our busy lives!  

In summary, Joanne Denney, “Grandma Jo” too many, was an advocate for 4-H and she is representative of generational families continuing the education of our youth!  Joanne will truly be missed!

It is with great honor that we present the 2017 Des Moines County, Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame recognition to Joanne’s family in memory of the matriarch of the Denney family - Joanne Denney.

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