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Posted on August 24, 2017 at 8:59 PM by Emily Saveraid

Randy GibsonDoctor Randy Gibson, Minburn, Iowa has been a long time 4-H supporter. Randy was a Dallas County 4-H member in his youth.  His daughter was also a 4-H member in Dallas County.  

Randy is an ISU graduate in the veterinary program.   He has been the designated county fair vet for 36 years.  He has been instrumental in keeping the 4-H animals healthy. Randy is present at the livestock check-in of the fair and made many trips to the fair grounds to check on and treat animals. 

One year during the fair we had an outbreak in the swine entries and we had to quarantine them for 30 days.  During this time Randy donated his time to keeping an eye on them for more health issues.   After that he donated vaccine to help prevent the problem from happening again.  He also helped teach the FSQA class which teaches youth about animal care and ethics.

Randy says he enjoys working with the youth and encouraging them to become involved in 4-H and raising livestock.

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