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Posted on August 24, 2017 at 3:32 PM by Emily Saveraid

Marguerite ‘Marge’ AshleyMarguerite ‘Marge’ Ashley has set a good example of a 4-H leader and community citizen in Chickasaw County. She has been an inspiring leader by coaching and mentoring new leaders and youth throughout her career.

Marge has been the leader of the Jolly Blue Bells 4-H club in Ionia since 1992. She inspires, encourages, and challenges the youth in her 4-H club to their highest potential. Marge is always positive and upbeat, taking time to patiently coach members with their presentations. Marge encourages each of her club members to do presentations starting as Little Clovers. Marge works with them on their record books and projects so they understand the process of record keeping. 

Marge believes in community service and encourages the members to do activities within the community. Together the Jolly Blue Bells paint pumpkins and make greeting cards for residents of nursing homes and do numerous clean-up projects in the area. Marge’s caring and positive spirit shines through in all of the members and helps them become the best they can be.

Marge has been a city clerk 35 years and supports her community by doing several community clean-up projects. She helps elderly neighbors by mowing their grass, cleaning up their yard and cutting wood for them. She shares her garden produce and takes time to visit with them regularly.

In addition to her community service, Marge has been a hairdresser for many years. She currently owns and operates the Nu Look Salon in New Hampton since 1985.  She has served as the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer for the Hairdressers Association. She has been president, vice-president, director, and treasurer for the State Board for Hair. Marge has been on the Pork Producers board for Chickasaw County and has helped by taking on many responsibilities at the Chickasaw County 4-H and FFA Achievement Show. Some of the work she has done at the Chickasaw County Fair includes, cleaning up the fairgrounds, tearing down, serving as a food judge, and has previously been a non-livestock superintendent.

Marge is an excellent leader in the 4-H program as well as in her community. All of her tasks are completed with a smile and a positive attitude. She meets the challenging times with a little humor and “we can figure this out” attitude. Marge is truly deserving of the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame recognition. 

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