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Posted on August 24, 2017 at 7:26 AM by Emily Saveraid

Michelle ThomaMichelle Thoma spent 16 years in her role as County Youth Coordinator in Benton County.  This length of service to the 4-H program says much about her love of 4-H, dedication to the members, families, and volunteers.  She worked hard to ensure fairness for all was followed in her role as CYC.

Michelle’s greatest strengths and contributions were in the areas of guiding and mentoring youth members of the 4-H County Council. She helped mentor the next generation of 4-H volunteers in Benton County through her role as County Council advisor.

She served as a consistent source of knowledge for new County Youth Coordinators in the area and state-wide.  She also shared her amazing skills in handling the new technology in the 4-H program – such as learning retinal scanning and 4-H online. 

She provided outstanding leadership during more than 2 tornadoes at the fairgrounds.  Michelle worked to ensure that members, families and exhibits were cared for and safe during the challenges at the Benton County Fair.

Michelle was also instrumental in starting shooting sports, summer science camps and the youth community garden.  Benton County is grateful to Michelle for her dedication to the 4-H program.

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It was a pleasure working with you the past 16 years . Congratulations on a much deserved award!
Judi Hertle | 3/20/23 at 3:16 AM
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