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Posted on August 22, 2017 at 4:13 PM by Emily Saveraid

Lynn & Elaine BohlingEvery community and 4-H program needs individuals possessing the qualities of Lynn and Elaine Bohling. Lynn and Elaine are community minded, caring individuals who see a challenge and involve themselves and others in meeting that challenge. When they volunteer to work with an activity or project, you can be sure it will be completed on schedule and with the greatest detail possible. Lynn and Elaine are positive people, seeing obstacles as simple challenges to overcome.

Elaine is extremely important to the Adair County 4-H program. She is a former 4-H club leader and member of the Youth Action Committee, helping to direct local 4-H policy, working to maintain rules and guidelines for our county fair, and conducting fundraising activities to support our local 4-H program. As a parent of three very active Adair County 4-H alumni, she strives to get other youth involved in the 4-H program by including and encouraging them to participate in club and community service activities. Elaine encourages excellent qualities of record-keeping as she evaluates 4-H record books at the local level.

Lynn volunteers with the family at Living History Farms in Des Moines, sells water for the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation, grills at Nodaway Valley High School sports events, and has been active with the local Trees Forever organization.

Lynn, Elaine, and their family worked tirelessly to establish a hugely successful silent auction to benefit the Adair County 4-H program. The money raised helps provide scholarships for members to attend camps and conferences. Elaine teamed up with her daughters to create the Pride of Iowa cooking contest, now in its 18th year. This is a popular event for both boys and girls as they prepare Iowa products to perfection during the contest at the Adair County Fair.

Elaine and her family have voluntarily operated the 4-H pop stand at our county fair for many years with the proceeds going to our local 4-H program. They handle the entire operation from cleaning the pop stand to gathering supplies, opening the stand daily during county fair, and handling the proceeds, to washing the last cooler and delivering it to the Extension office.

Lynn and Elaine model for others not only the attribute of generosity but also the power of positive thinking and life-long learning. Elaine believes that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.  She encourages youth to step outside of the box, motivates them to serve their community, volunteers to guide and provide needed leadership, and quickly offers praise for their endeavors.

Every county 4-H program should be fortunate to have volunteers like Lynn and Elaine Bohling who always strive to provide support and leadership for the youth of their county.

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