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Posted on August 26, 2016 at 9:56 AM by Emily Saveraid

Tip TaylorTip Taylor has been with the Winnebago County 4-H Shooting Sports program since 2005. While the club was in its beginning stages, Tip saw the potential in the club and wanted to see it succeed. He had a strong internal passion for shooting sports, and wanted to help create that passion in others. Over the next 11 years, he worked with 4-H’ers to sharpen their skills, learn to work as a team, and to truly appreciate this sport for what it is.

Along the way, he became more than just club leader—he became a role model, a friend, and a support system for many youth in Winnebago County. The club quickly went from being made up of beginner-level shooters to achieving state competition-level recognition. However, when you ask the club members what they love most about 4-H shooting sports it isn’t the recognition—it is spending time with their leaders and being part of a supportive, family-like community. This is because of Tip’s dedication to the club and to its members.

Winnebago County ISU Extension & Outreach and its 4-H program could not be more proud of Tip Taylor and his accomplishments. The County Youth Coordinator, Sloan, says, “Tip constantly inspires me to be a better leader every time I am around him. Never before in my years of working with youth have I seen an individual have such a positive, major impact on multiple youth. He truly is a blessing to our county, and I don’t know what we would do without him. He is simply wonderful.”

Tip truly is a shining example of what a 4-H leader should be—passionate, invested, and committed each and every day. He constantly reminds the people around him of what it means to be a positive role model. His legacy in Winnebago County will live on for many years to come, and the people of the county are truly better because of his presence and his dedication.

Congratulations, Tip!

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