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Posted on August 26, 2016 at 9:15 AM by Emily Saveraid

Lucille Van DykeThe Poweshiek County 4-H program is proud to honor Lucille Van Dyke as their 2016 Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame inductee. At the age of 94, she still operates a 60-acre farm with her tight knit family consisting of three generations of Poweshiek County 4-H members! In 1955, she and her late husband purchased the farm raising crops, milk cows, sheep and chickens. They had a large garden and orchard.

Prior to the Grinnell farm, Lucille taught in a one-room school house and served as a positive mentor to many youth in her teaching days. Once they purchased the farm, the family and farm served as a resource for many 4-H youth and Grinnell College students from around the world. Many students and 4-Hers would and still do board their horses at the family barn. During the times they were out to the farm, they were able to learn valuable lessons from Lucille. It has been said by many in the community Lucille was integral in teaching them about life on the farm—from animal husbandry to homemaking practices.

Lucille started as a 4-H member, but began teaching while still in the 4-H program.  She later became a leader for the Grant Girls Group. In having two children, it was a must for them to become members of 4-H; not to mention her grandchild who is still involved with the program. She keeps teaching all who come out to the family farm. Lucille has always served as a role model with her positive attitude through a long life of hard work and devotion to the Poweshiek County 4-H program. She has served as a 4-H member, a leader, teacher, and judge at the county fair. 

Her patience is unending. It was not unusual for Lucille to teach a group of twenty or more 4-Hers to bake bread. She has always enjoyed baking with others to pass on her skills, and to make sure the “old fashion way” doesn’t go by the wayside. Amazingly her recipes are still being used by 4-Hers today. She valued the passing of farm based homemaking skills and taught many youth the value of hard work and ‘choring’.

To this day, her highlight of the year is to go to the Poweshiek County Fair to enjoy all of the exhibits, knowing how hard the kids have worked to get their exhibits ready for the fair. 

Lucille is a cherished asset in Poweshiek County. It is an honor to have her inducted into the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame! Thank you, Lucille for your dedication to the youth of Poweshiek County!

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