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Posted on August 26, 2016 at 9:14 AM by Emily Saveraid

Sometimes when you ask, you have a person that responds to your request in a huge way.  When West Pottawattamie lost one of their scholarship donors, they decided to send letters, volunteers and staff out into the communities to request scholarship donations. 

Each year, the county has between 22-25 graduating seniors, with 15-20 applying for a longevity scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to 4-H members who have more than 2 years of club work.  The longevity scholarships are awarded to 4-H members who apply and meet the criteria.

It was during a basketball game that David Kramer of Underwood Farm Supply handed an envelope to Mary Kramer, 4-H Urban Field Specialist at the time.  Mary was amazed at what she found in the envelope – a scholarship check that was enough to cover a longevity scholarship for every graduating senior that year.

While it was thought this was a one-time donation, David Kramer and Underwood Farm Supply had a different idea.  Each year the 4-H program receives a check to cover the longevity scholarships for our West Pottawattamie 4-H members from Underwood Farm Supply. 

We thank them for their continued support of our scholarship program and applaud them for their realization of the potential of 4-H members in West Pottawattamie County.

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