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Posted on August 26, 2016 at 8:57 AM by Emily Saveraid

Doni SheldonDoni Sheldon became involved in 4-H in 1991 as a club co-leader. The Timber Creek Champs leader was retiring, so another parent and Doni took over the leadership of the club of which their daughters were club members. 

She served on the Youth Development Committee for a number of years and found  she was totally entrenched in what ‘4-H’ stands for and the importance of this organization being a strong asset to the youth in Marshall County. During this time she became co-chair of the Central Iowa Fair exhibit building and served in that capacity for a number of years. 

In 1999 Doni became the Marshall County Extension Youth Coordinator and retired from that position after 14 years.  As County Extension Youth Coordinator she continued to meet the 3% club enrollment goal set by the State 4-H Office, increased programs to reach underserved audiences, and developed a variety of community partnerships.  A Clover Kid Club and an Outdoor Adventures Club were organized during that time.

She continues to be involved in 4-H as a club co-leader for her granddaughter’s club, advisor for the Outdoor Adventures 4-H Club, serving on the planning committee for the Clover 5k Walk/Run Fundraiser the past three years and volunteers at the County Extension office when needed.

Doni said, “the greatest reward of my 4-H career is hearing parents tell me how being involved in 4-H helped shape their child for success after high school. The communication and leadership skills they learned in 4-H gave them the confidence to succeed in college and life!”

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