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Posted on August 26, 2016 at 8:49 AM by Emily Saveraid

Gail WeberGail Weber is the leader of the Stick-to-it 4-H Club, which happens to be Keokuk County’s oldest Club. The Stick-to-it Club celebrated their 90th anniversary at the Keokuk County Expo this past July.  As a past member she continues to celebrate the rich heritage vested in this rural groups' roots and she looks forward to continuing to guide each young member to live out the 4-H pledge today and into their future.

Gail began her history with the 4-H program as a young girl in the early 70's as a member of the Stick-to-it 4-H Club and became re-associated with the club in the early 90's as a helper and eventually as a leader when her oldest daughter joined the club. She has led her groups to strive to be the best in all they do. Whether it's during fair with exhibits, learning in the classroom, or in their respective communities she asks them to continue to live by the 4-H pledge. She proudly dotes on her members and refers to them as her "kids". For years, Gail opened her home for Christmas parties, achievement shows and she jokes the way to every 4-Her's heart is through their stomachs. Gail urged her club to try a Valentine's Day bake sale to supplement their donations to the local food pantry. Some 8 years later they are still having the bake sale, helping to fulfill their commitment to giving a healthy donation every spring and again at Christmas to the Lord's Pantry. 

Through a friendship, her club began a project of picking and selling pumpkins for profit. The profits have been bestowed on community projects like nursing homes, the food pantry, local fountain fund, Community Park, 4-H dog obedience program, Keokuk County Expo Grounds and County Extension service improvements. Gail is proud of her association with 4-H, and feels it is a remarkable program helping to make remarkable young people. She reminds her kids "never do anything just to add length to your obituary.”   Always believe in what you do with all your heart and soul.  Last year she received Leader of the Year award and was greatly humbled by that honor and the knowledge of receiving this award further fortifies her belief that good things happen when you teach and work to build up youth.

Gail has served on Keokuk County Expo Board and was the coordinator of the Keokuk County Expo Queen contest from 1981-1993 and will be completing her term on the Keokuk County Agricultural Extension Council in the fall of 2016, where she served a term as chairman. She resides in rural Sigourney in Keokuk County, with her husband Andy and daughter Audra.

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