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Posted on August 26, 2016 at 8:44 AM by Emily Saveraid

Orville BrownWhen people refer to “40 year old 4-H’ers”, Orville Brown comes to mind in Jefferson County.  While Orville might be a bit older than 40, Orville is truly a 4-H kid at heart and has been instrumental in maintaining the Jefferson County fairgrounds and keeping 4-H a relevant youth organization in Jefferson County.

While serving on the Jefferson County Fair Board for the last 30 years, Orville has held many superintendent titles, including beef superintendent, camp ground supervisor, organizer of commercial exhibitors, and is currently the grand stand and track supervisor. 

While Orville’s children, Teresa, Robert, Tammy and Rory, were active in 4-H, Orville served as the beef superintendent for over a decade.  He was quick to assist any 4-H’er that needed assistance and could be counted on for going the extra mile when needed. 

During the fair, he can be seen working on maintenance issues, assisting youth with projects, as well as instructing parents.  Orville is always one of the first to arrive and the last to leave while preparing for the fair. 

When Orville is not active on the fairgrounds, he is spending time with his family.  He can also be seen tinkering and restoring old Massey Harris tractors.

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