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Posted on August 26, 2016 at 8:40 AM by Emily Saveraid

Susan JonesWhile contributions can be measured in many ways, the ultimate contributions most important to any 4-H program are those that keep strong the legacy of learning by doing.  In the case of Susan Jones, her contributions have not only expanded the legacy and importance of the 4-H program through her family, but to others with her volunteer commitments for the Iowa County 4-H program. This includes family members, local club members, and others connected to the 4-H program. She is currently a FCS/SEE Fair superintendent.  She was a 4-H leader for the Troy York Hawkeyes for eleven years. 

When Susan’s daughter joined 4-H, Susan began volunteering with 4-H.  Her children Paige and Nate, were extremely active 4-H’ers at the local and state levels.  She believes in the benefits of 4-H and is constantly promoting the program and encouraging involvement of member’s families as well.  Susan welcomed families to club meetings and worked hard to get to know the members and their families.  She helped members excel in their areas of interest.  She celebrated the little victories as much as the big ones for her members. 

Susan provided many educational and learning opportunities for her club members.  Often times her club will do group projects involving the community so the members learn the importance of being active citizens and it provides them skills to be able to communicate with all age groups.  This promotes our youth to leave things better than they receive them.

Susan’s passion and belief in the 4-H program are evident by her continued involvement with Iowa County 4-H.  She is always sharing opportunities at or above the county level such as: Youth Council, State 4-H Conference and Communication events.  She truly believes in the development of leaders that participate in the 4-H program.  Susie’s smiles, cheerful ways and helping hands have truly made Iowa County 4-H stronger. 

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