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Posted on August 26, 2016 at 8:39 AM by Emily Saveraid

Robert PaulsrudRobert C. Paulsrud has been an active 4-H member, parent, grandparent, and enthusiast since he was first able to join a club.  Bob moved to Ida County in the 5th grade, 1965, and joined his first 4-H club in Danbury.  Bob was active in showing cattle, as well as other projects, and served various offices in his club.

After graduating high school, and then getting his Ag Business degree from ISU in 1976, Bob and his wife Teresa returned to NW Iowa with their newborn son, Eli.  By the time Eli was old enough to join 4-H, they were living on one of the family farms in Ida County, and were ready to enroll their children (which eventually included Jessica, Joshiah, and Jordan) in the same club Eli attended.  From 1985 until 1993, Bob served as an assistant leader for the boys’ club.  He assumed the leadership role in 1993.  Bob was very committed to this post, and tried to make each meeting interesting, involving hands-on project instruction, demonstrations, etc.  At this time, the clubs were going through a transition from individual girls’ and boys’ clubs, to one consolidated group.  When that change took place, he stayed on as leader of the boys and girls together.  One of the qualities that made him a great leader for both clubs, was that he not only enjoyed the livestock-showing end of things, but was very good with refinishing, woodworking, and artistic projects as well. 

At this time, Bob also became the Iowa State Extension Director for Ida County, so was directly involved with the county’s 4-H program and fair as part of his job.  After his children left home, he stayed on as leader for a couple more years, at which time the decision was made for the Danbury club to disband and to be absorbed into other county clubs.  He received an award for 15 years of service as a leader in 2008, and was named 4-H Leader of the Year for 2009-2010 in Ida County. 

His passion and love for the 4-H program did not end there, as he was already actively involved with the 4-H Foundation Board at that time.  Bob has now served 18 years, working hard to provide scholarships, camp and conference tuitions, funds to clubs for projects, etc., all by fund-raising methods in foundation projects.  He is even able to use one of his many skills – that of auctioneering – to auction off ‘theme baskets’ during evening fair entertainments.

To say that Bob Paulsrud is a fan of the 4-H program, and all the benefits it brings to a members life, would be putting it mildly.  He is committed, passionate, and hard-working when it comes to anything associated with 4-H. 

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