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Posted on August 26, 2016 at 8:36 AM by Emily Saveraid

Gary and Vicki SovereignHoward County would like to introduce Gary and Vicki Sovereign as our 2016 4-H Hall of Fame inductees. We want to honor them for pledging their hands to larger service to the Howard County 4-H program and the Mighty Howard County Fair.

Gary was an eight year member of the Howard Center Stars 4-H club in Howard County. He was involved in horticulture exhibits. During Gary’s junior year of high school, he stepped up to the challenge of being a club leader! However, Gary’s leadership in 4-H did not stop there. Gary has served on the Howard County Extension Council. Also, he has served on the Mighty Howard County Fair Board for many years, and is serving as president. Gary has been an active member of the Howard County 4-H & Youth Committee and Howard County Livestock Committee as a livestock superintendent. In addition to these duties, over the past couple years, Gary spent countless hours bringing a new ag education facility to the fairgrounds. This includes a small swine production facility for 4-H and FFA members where they can raise their swine projects!

Vicki was a one year member of 4-H in Winneshiek County. Even though her 4-H career was short, Vicki lives out the 4-H pledge by pledging her hands to larger service by assisting with the display of 4-H state fair exhibits at the Howard County Fair.  Vicki has been a dedicated member of the Howard County Cancer Association (HoCA) for 23 years and currently serves as treasurer.

Gary and Vicki live out the 4-H pledge each and every day by providing support and helping build Howard County youth to be the leaders of the next generation. Their dedication and countless hours of hard work have made the Mighty Howard County Fair enjoyable and successful. They do all of this, while managing the family swine and crop farm in Howard County.

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