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Posted on August 26, 2016 at 8:27 AM by Emily Saveraid

Brenda ShookScott Shook was very active in the Guthrie County 4-H program.  Along with helping with Extension Office summer programs and Farm Safety Day, Scott was also one of the leaders of the SESS Sporting Group from 2010 to 2013 when he passed away from cancer.   

Being an avid hunter Scott was always eager to help children and share his knowledge of wildlife, the outdoors, and gun safety.  His love for agriculture was passed on to many kids as they worked on livestock projects. He made sure that there was never a child that felt left out or left behind.  At the time of his illness Scott made sure his wishes were known to contribute to 4-H after his death. The Scott Shook Memorial Fund donated a shelter for additional seating outside the 4-H food stand.     

Brenda Shook was an active 4-H member from the time she was in 4th grade through her high school years.  She was also the leader for the US Sunbeams 4-H group until her husband’s illness.  Brenda also served as co-leader to the Trailblazers.   Brenda has always had a passion for 4-H and has been very active in Guthrie County.  

She has served on the Youth Committee, spent long hours helping her daughter and other children in the community on exhibits for static judging and livestock projects. She assisted many kids with keeping their record books accurate and up to date. Brenda is always eager and willing to help out whenever needed.


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