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Posted on August 26, 2016 at 10:03 AM by Emily Saveraid

Roger ClarkeRoger Clark has been a dedicated volunteer in Clay County for over 30 years. He models generosity and hard work through his volunteerism.  In his work as a beef project leader, he has given many hours to the youth as a mentor and worked with volunteers and staff to manage a successful and well-respected beef show at the Clay County Fair.  Most of all, as a leader and a mentor, he is always patient and kind, which has earned the respect of youth, parents, staff and other volunteers. 

His involvement in the program meant a lot to his family, they wrote this about him:  His contribution started at a young age when he showed dairy cattle at the Clay County Fair.  It continued on when we were all in 4-H, to now helping grandkids with their projects. He would always help weigh in the beef projects on weigh-in day.  It wasn’t long before he was helping in the show ring on show day, not only for the county show but also for the district show.  He has put in countless hours breaking down beef classes for the Clay County fairs and district shows. Depending on the number of entries, sometimes it would go late in the night, and then he would have to get up early the next morning to make sure we were all on task, getting prepared for the show, or completing our morning chores.   

Years after we no longer showed our beef, he continues to help in the show ring, during weigh in, and breaking classes.  He was a 4-H club leader for many years.  He was a great mentor working with young people. He never lost his composure and was always able to help kids with whatever issue they were facing with their project. He was always patient with us when we were learning to show our beef projects.   

His decades of commitment has inspired 4-H youth and 4-H adults to action in this youth development program. If not for Roger, his kids’ experience in the program would not have been the same—and the same is true for many other kids over the last thirty-plus years.

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