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Posted on August 26, 2016 at 10:03 AM by Emily Saveraid

John LangschwagerIn his time as a 4-H leader, John Langschwager was well respected, if not loved, by the kids, their parents, and the other volunteers with whom he worked.  John made a HUGE impact on the 4-H community with his big voice, his livestock knowledge, his personal resources, and his ever-ready and willing attitude toward community service. John lived and taught the 4-H pledge with gusto.  He expected his Cavalier 4-Hers to be kind, thorough, hardworking, and productive.   

Through John, the Cavalier 4-H members learned to be firm in their beliefs.  They learned how to stand up for themselves while still being respectful of those around them.  They learned how to tackle and finish a project, no matter how big or foreign it was.  They learned that 4-H was a time to try new things, be silly, have fun, and then buckle down and get after it. While John was rarely “polished,” he was a gifted teacher.  The 4-H Cavalier kids knew he loved them. They knew he respected them. They knew he valued them.     

Most importantly, John taught through example.  John brought to the table a new generation of community volunteers.  There is no doubt that John’s Cavalier kids will continue on in the 4-H community, not only in their own school years, but many will go on to become 4-H parents and 4-H volunteers in the future.  John’s commitment to the 4-H community has not stopped because we have lost him.  It lives on in the community members he influenced and the kids he inspired.

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