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Posted on August 24, 2015 at 4:24 PM by Global Reach

Joy Rouse

Joy Rouse lives in Indianola, Iowa.  Joy was the Warren County Extension Director for many years. She had the knowledge and history to answer questions, find information, and make sure tasks were being completed.

One 4-H volunteer commented that, “For as long as I can remember, Warren County 4-H meant Joy Rouse.” She went on to say that she became a Clover Kids Leader of a brand new club after speaking to Joy at the Iowa State Fair.

Joy was a very organized individual who always had the interest of the 4-H’er in mind while making decisions. She knew how to handle stressful situations in a calm way that resulted in great experiences. Joy had a way of explaining to 4-H’ers and parents creating understanding to avoid issues from arising. She would go out of her way to give a 4-H’er the positive comment they needed.  Joy was known for having a smile on her face, even when times were a bit chaotic (not to mention hot!).Joy Rouse

When Joy left her position as Extension Director, she graciously helped volunteers when asked, as she had the expertise to give guidance and information to ensure what was being done was correct.

A volunteer described Joy as, “a genuinely nice, good hearted person who believes in the 4-H program and has always believed in the good that it brings to our youth.”  This volunteer went on to say that, “After many years of no longer being employed by Extension, she went out of her way to congratulate my daughter on winning a State Project Award.  Her thoughtfulness is still felt by kids and adults that she helped mentor through the 4-H program.  The love that she showed for the youth and the 4-H program always showed through.”

Warren County 4-H would not be the program it is today without Joy Rouse.  It is with great privilege that Warren County 4-H recognizes Joy Rouse for all of her hard work and dedication throughout the many years!

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