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Ron and Marlene Clark 4-H has strong roots in the Clark family.  Ron grew up showing cattle and holding various offices in the Union Leaders 4-H club in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  He was the oldest of five Clark children to be active members of that club near the town of Lovilia, IA and to exhibit at the Monroe County Fair along with spending weeks volunteering at the Iowa State Fair.  He enjoyed his time in the student housing and tried his first slice of spicy new Italian food: pizza.

The Clark’s three daughters: Cheryl, Suzanne and Katie were active members of the Troy Good Homemakers 4-H club from 1982-2002.  They held offices, exhibited cattle and pigs, produced 100’s of clothing, home improvement and baking projects and participating in Share-the-Fun, Clothing Selection, and Fashion Review at the Monroe County Fair and the Iowa State Fair, and served as Fair Queens. 

Ron and Marlene’s unwavering support of this involvement was never more evident than the year Ron admitted to getting blisters on his feet during the county fair trying to be at all activities at all times and to help take care of theRon and Marlene Clark receiving award livestock as well.  Chauffeuring, getting new ideas, and organizing the events of the three 4-Hers was Marlene’s area of expertise. 

Ron has served on the Monroe County Fair Board for more than 30 years having held the office of vice president for multiple terms.  Ron has quietly helped to make the fair a vital place for the community by donating his time, his machinery, and whatever else might be needed to make the fair run more smoothly. He has served to support young people and all those who love the fair.  When his daughter first had to memorize the 4-H pledge, Ron who is quiet  by nature, quickly jumped in and helped her to finish it.  Some of his best advice came from that moment.  He said, “If you learn to do that, you’ll be just fine.”

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