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Larry and Jacki HenchalLarry and Jackie Henchal were instrumental in growing 4-H’ers on the west side of Marshall County in the late 1970s and early ‘80s.  Larry took charge of the “boys club,” Central Iowa Livestock, where his son Randy was a member while Jackie assisted in the leadership of the State Center Clever Clovers, the “older girls club,” where their daughter Roxann was a member.  At that time, there was a “younger girls club,” the Cloverettes, where the twins, Terri and Tonya, were members.  Later, under Jackie’s leadership, the girls clubs combined to make one club.  She was the organizational leader and was assisted by project leaders. 

As a 4-H leader, Jackie spearheaded events like a foreign food fair and sewing workshops as well as arranged outings and tours, the most memorable of which was Terrace Hill.  Those were the days of float building where stuffing napkins in 90-degree heat was a common activity.  Record book photographs will attest to these amazing structures, such as a cornucopia and a huge birthday cake, just to name a couple!  She was a cheerleader for “her girls” at the fair celebrating in their success, as well as easing the pain when a judging decision did not reflect the hoped for result. 

While a leader, Larry mentored young men in project areas such as automotive, woodworking, welding, and livestock.  Larry took a special interest in several boys who did not have a father figure readily available.  They were encouraged to care for and show livestock, from his farm, right alongside his own children.  Recycling was just getting its start in this time period.  Larry saw the opportunity for “his boys,” and entered early on into a newspaper recycling project.  Larry continued his 4-H involvement and was employed bLarry and Jacki Henchal receiving awardy the extension service as the 4-H aid for five years. 

Larry and Jackie enter into most things as partners, and 4-H is no exception.  They were favorite chaperones on the Chicago and Kansas City citizenship trips.  They shared their enthusiasm for snow skiing with both clubs at an annual ski outing to Montezuma.  It is common for acquaintances of their children to reminisce with them about the fun times they had at a 4-H event chaperoned by Larry and Jackie. 

It is our honor to nominate these 4-H leaders as inductees to the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame.  Their children’s and other 4-Her’s lives were enhanced by the experiences they had as 4-H’ers, with Larry and Jackie guiding the way.  

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