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Harriet MetzgerHarriet Metzger became a leader of the Alvord Hawkeyes 4-H Club in the early 90’s.  She was told by her daughter “You should be the leader or I may go to 4-H in another town.”

Harriet decided that she would take on this challenge. Harriet was always willing to try new things for the club. She started submarine sandwiches sales for fundraising and helped make the 4-H soup supper a success year after year. She was always making the fair booth look its best, and helped her kids get many 4-H exhibits finished in time for the fair, or just a listening ear to someone who needed to talk.  When Alvord had its centennial celebration in 1993, she helped 4-Hers put a time capsule together for the town to be opened at a future date.

Harriet has taken her 4-H club canoeing down the Sioux river for many years as an outing.  She also has had speakers come to meetings from Alvord to speak on many different topics to educate the 4-Hers about project areas, civic organizations and careers.

Harriet impacted the community with her club’s community service projects which include building and hanging birdhouses for elderly to enjoy, cleaning the park and cleaning roadside ditches.Harriet Metzger receiving award

All five of Harriet’s children went through her 4-H club and she continues to be a leader 23 years later even though her children have been out for many years. Her dedication to the 4-H club and community has been evident in the many lives she has touched over the years.



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