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Clifford HendersonThe Linn County 4-H Horse Committee was established in 1968 by Clifford J. Henderson of Marion and several other dedicated volunteers.  Under his direction, Horse Camp was established at Camp Wapsi.  One-day workshops on specific topics and skills were presented, such as:  nutrition, grooming, horsemanship and showmanship.  Youth especially enjoyed “Fun Shows” he created for practice and confidence building.  These “shows” were held throughout the summer and led up to fair.   Cliff was an excellent teacher and could relate well to youth. 4-H members were invited to his farm to learn and practice new skills.  The obstacle course was a favorite.  Through his efforts, this committee remains strong today with education being a priority.  He dedicated 23 years to proudly serving on the Horse Committee.

Cliff was also a Linn County Fair Board member for 25 years. He was instrumental in the growth of the Linn County Fair and improvements to the Fair Grounds.  The 4-H program and youth were always foremost in his work with the Fair Board.  Emceeing the Linn County 4-H Horse Show was a favorite activity.

In addition to 4-H, Cliff shared his time with a variety of organizations.   He was a founding member of the Mid-Iowa Driving ClDelores Henderson receiving award on behalf of Cliffub, a longtime member and a past president of the Broken Bit Saddle Club. He was an early Horse Patrol volunteer at the Iowa State Fair, volunteered at Living History Farms and participated in the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion for many years.

He and his wife, Delores, shared their love of driving teams of horses by teaching young people the skill.  Cliff and Delores, along with their horses, Babe and Dolly, were seen in many parades!

Cliff was always willing to teach and share his love of horses.  He made a lasting impact on many Linn County youth through his words of encouragement and was frequently heard to say, “Hang in there.”   The Linn County 4-H program is grateful for his leadership, insight, and his dedication to sharing his love and knowledge of horses with 4-H youth.


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