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David and Kay WitteBoth David and Kay served on the Keokuk County Extension Agricultural Council. It was a rewarding and learning time for both of them. Kay helped judge the Clover Kids at the Expo as they proudly brought in their exhibits to be shared. Kay stated, “I just praise them for their hard work, knowing that they will be fine 4-Hers someday.”

David and Kay were always looking for ways to diversify their farm and decided to try pumpkins, squash, gourds, and Indian corn for fall sales. David admitted, “I just had a big crop in 1995 and couldn’t get it in all by myself.” One day while he was in town he stopped to see the 4-H leader, who worked at the mill. They struck up a deDavid and Kay Witte receiving awardal. David would give a donation to the County Klovers 4-H Club if they would help pick the biggest and best to sell at the local fall craft show in September. Afterwards, the Stick-to-It 4-H Club helped with the cleanup picking and helped Dave get the next group of goods readied for local markets. All the kids were allowed to take home a pumpkin, which was a big delight to them. The Stick-to-It 4-H Club is now the single group that picks and sells for David and Kay.  These generous donations to the club, have been passed back to the fair and the community many times over.

David and Kay also have given a 4-H family the opportunity to work “hands on” on the farm, by helping to plant pumpkins and raising sweet corn to sell. While some young people might never get the chance to get dirt under their nails and see how a farm really works, David and Kay have been patient teachers and friends who have opened their farm and hearts to the 4-Hers of Keokuk County for more than 20 years.

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