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Linda McIntire Linda McIntire started her 4-H affiliation growing up on a farm in Wapello County. On weekends her love of horses kicked in travelling and competitively showing horses all over including the Iowa State Fair. Linda also competed in the cowgirl Queen contest twice, both times receiving 1st runner up. She has judged several horse shows in her career and continues to show competitively. 

She married Larry McIntire and moved to Fairfield in Jefferson County.  Linda got back into 4-H when their daughters started in the 4-H program and began showing horses.  As she helped them compete at the county and state fair, she saw an opportunity to share her knowledge and expertise with others by volunteering until they were out of 4-H. She was the horse project leader for the next 18 years, turning a small program into a highly successful program and a model for other counties.  She included everyone at the horse workouts, especially parents, explaining how important their participation can be.  Linda helped other counties when she was asked to assist with their program. 

She leads by example and is a positive role model, taking time to answer questions and encourage kids to always do their best and, most importantly, have fun!  While she was active as a horse project leader, she was always proud of her 4-H’ers when they went to the Iowa State Fair. 

Linda attended fair board meetings and worked with the county extension and youth committee to keep them updated with the horse program.  She was asked to put on the fair open horse show as well as organizing the 4-H show putting in countless hours rounding up volunteers, donations and making surLinda McIntire receiving awarde every detail was covered.  Her last year as horse project leader she had a major health set back and people wondered what they would do if she wasn’t back for the fair?  Not only did she make it back for the fair, she also returned when weekly practices started.  One of her former 4-H’ers said “Linda is one of those people you want to be around. She is organized, knowledgeable and a HOOT to talk to!”

Exemplifying the qualities the 4-H program promotes, one of Linda’s last accomplishments, as she establish a scholarship program for 4-H and FFA members pursuing a degree in the Equine Sciences or Veterinary fields.  She also continues to sponsor 4-H horse trophies.

Linda stepped down as a leader at the end of 2012 to start a new 4-H chapter and to help her grandkids start showing horses.  She still has a presence at the horse workouts with her grandson and continues to promote and enjoy 4-H and horses.

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