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Jeannie BoettcherJeannie Boetcher has been involved with the 4-H program most of her life.  At the age of nine she joined the Atomic Starlets for a year and then she became a member of the Jolly Workers 4-H club. She remained a member until graduating high school. 

She became an assistant 4-H leader of the Amboy Champions and the Jolly Workers in 1971, when her children joined 4-H.  In 1994 Jeannie joined the fair board and is currently serving her 21st year. 

While serving on the fair board she has held the poJeannie Boettcher receiving awardsition of assistant superintendent and then superintendent of the 4-H building. Jeannie’s family was the very first to camp at the Jasper County Fair.  Now there is an actual campground that accommodates over 100 families.  Jeannie enjoys looking back at the changes on the fairgrounds, the 4-H project areas, and 4-H attire. 

Jeannie’s 4-H roots run deep. Both of her parents were 4-H leaders, her four siblings, as well as both of her children were 4-H members.  Her grandchildren are involved in the fair through open class opportunities. It is safe to say that Jeannie Boetcher has and continues to be an asset to the 4H Program.

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