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Klimesh FamilyThe Klimesh family has been involved in 4-H since 1966. Alice and (the late) Glen Klimesh had 10 children: Glenda, Arla, Keith, Lyle, Ronnie, Loren, Jan, Stac, Kurt and Kent.  Of their ten children, eight of them were members in the 4-H organization.  The Klimesh children were members of the Protivin Pioneer Club and were involved in many different project areas.  They showed beef, dairy and swine, along with participating in other non-livestock project areas at both the county and state level.  The Klimesh family hosted many clinics for members over the years and were always willing to help others in their project areas.

As the years progressed, The Klimesh’s grandchildren became old enough to participate in 4-H.  Of the 26 grandchildren, 17 of them have been or are active members of 4-H.  The first of Alice and Glen’s great grandchildren are also involved in 4-H.  The Klimesh 4-H’ers have all participated in numerous project areas at the county, state and national level in Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan.  As time went on, the family began exploring other project areas such as: horse, sheep, poultry, rabbits, goats and dog obedience and agility. 

Glenda and Arla, though never in 4-H, have grown up watching and supporting their sibling’s 4-H experience.  Glenda and Arla, along with siblings Lyle (Bertha), Ronnie (Janice) and Loren (Sue), continue to watch and support nieces, nephews and other family members.

Keith (Sandy) has been a 4-H leader of the Space Age Farmers for 22 years in Howard County.  He has also been the Poultry Project Leader for Howard County for a number of years.  Keith (along with others) continues to help organize the annual Northland Classic Club Calf Sale.

Ronnie and (Janice) were former 4-H leaders of the Diligent 4-H club for 15 years. Glen and Alice Klimesh Family receiving award

Jan (Randy) has been a 4-H leader of the Phelps Knights 4-H Club/ Market Steer Plus Club for 16 years in Wisconsin and Michigan. 

Stac (Karen) are currently providing support and guidance to their child who is participating in his first year of 4-H. Kent is also providing support and guidance to his child who is participating in his last year of 4-H.

Kurt (Kristi). Kristi has been a 4-H Leader of the Diligent 4-H Club for 3 years.  Their children participate in 4-H and Cloverkids.

Many of the Klimesh family siblings are members of the Cattlemen’s Association. Glen played a big role in founding the annual Northland Classic Club Calf sale and show.

In 2009, Alice received an honorary 4-H Member Award and continues to support her grandchildren and great grandchildren in their 4-H experience. 

4-H has played a crucial role in all of their lives and they continue to be committed to “Making the Best Better” for 4-Hers’ in Howard County, as well as in Wisconsin and Michigan!

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